[WHAT'S GOING ON] Manifeste pour le vin naturel by Antonin Iommi-Amunategui

The author suggests here a definition for Natural Wine, up until now missing, as well as a panorama of the different and divergent points of view which currently roam the planes of the natural wine world.

But moreover, he presents natural wine as the tip of the iceberg of societal change, which commences with agricultural revolution, natural wine being the flag ship.

[WHAT'S GOING ON] Mimi, Fifi & Glouglou / Dégustateurs de combat - Michel Tolmer - Les Editions de l'Epure

For those who don’t know yet, Michel Tolmer’s luckless heroes, Mimi, Fifi & Glouglou are back, more fervent than ever, to combat for the survival of wine. Sweat, blood, tears, chardonnay and grenache... This time, they have decided to engage more than ever in their favorite battle: the blind tasting. And no holds are barred! This beautiful satire dismantles gradually all oenological clichés, making a mockery of all those who should dare to expose themselves by talking about wine, treading on snobbery, ignorance and dogma along the way. This comic celebrates wine, especially “wine for buddies", made to be drunk, not talked about.