Word of ze month "Planter" (verb)

Meaning: To dig a hole and fill it with a plant.

Other uses: Se planter – To make an error or miss the desired objective. i.e. FAIL. Se faire planter par quelqu’un (or “Se faire poser un lapin”) – You’re up to your 5th glass of rose, I don’t think she’s coming… The good old no show.


by Charlie Simpson


Word of ze month "Bouchon" (Virtually obsolete object formerly used to close bottles in Australia)

Meaning: A cork or similar closure for a glass bottle.

Other uses: Bouchon Lyonnais – The original and best French bistro; meat, butter, potatoes! Coincé dans les bouchons – Stuck in a traffic jam. T’es bouché?! – You seem to be lacking intelligence. Mon p’tit bouchon – Oh, you’re so cute. Wanna cuddle?




Word of ze month "Canon" (Like “Can on!” but don’t pronounce the last “n”)

Meaning: Same as in English (a big fat gun type thing), but with a couple of extra street uses, which we like!

Uses: C’est canon! – That’s awesome! Elle est canon – she looks pretty good! Boire un canon – have a drink Un coup de canon – a hit of grog Payer un canon – to shout a round of drinks Descendre des canons – gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp……… Canon (pronouncing the “n” this time) – cameras and photocopiers etc.




Word of ze month "Grappe" (false friend, does not translate directly to English "grape")

Meaning: Bunch, or cluster. Typically for fruit growing as berries in a conical shape.

Other uses: Grappe de raisins - a bunch of grapes Grappe entière - whole bunch (as in carbonic maceration, for example) Grappe de bars-à-vin - a bunch of wine-bars, what King's Cross used to boast Lâche moi la grappe! Give me a break! Leave me in peace!

Santé ! Charlie