[WHAT'S GOING ON] Seen in 180°C Magazine

Seen in 180°C Magazine, a very in-depth and beautiful bi-annual publication in France: Among the small group of winemakers who are awakening Montlouis, Lise and Bertrand Jousset play their role completely. Their voices are clear, and their wines speak for themselves. And to those who still believe that the organic approach amounts to twiddling your thumbs, watching the wine make itself, this couple sends a message of absolute rigour.


Word of ze month "Péter" (sounds like Pét-Nat)

Meaning: To explode, detonate, or to break, shatter, or (colloquially) to emit intestinal gas

Other uses: Péter le feu - to be very energetic, in form Péter les plombs - to loose one’s cool (or one’s marbles) Faire péter les canons - to declare aperitif open! Pété de thunes - to have a very comfortable budget.


by Charlie Simpson