One of the very noticeable outcomes of the modern wine revolution we are currently experiencing is the increasing importance placed on “Drinkability”. Synonyms include “Digestibility” and “Smashability”. In French, “Buvabilité”. These are mostly made up words, but which describe very well a concept that wines should be an easy pleasure to consume, with or without food.

This does not mean that such wines must be simple. In fact, the more complex they are aromatically and texturally the better. But their structure should be based on soft easy tannins, generous integrated acidity, fresh lifted flavours and a dry clean finish which leaves the soul cleansed and the palate refreshed and ready to sip again.

These are the sorts of wines that seem to do a Houdini disappearing act. The bottom of the bottle is an unexpected shock, it comes way too quickly, so you end up having to double up.

Naturally made Gamay wines often show a very high reading on the Drinkability Scale. Watch out for double orders…